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A Brief introduction to Changsha Foreign Language School

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??? Since its transition to a foreign language school in 1996, Changsha Foreign Language School (CFLS) has operated as a state-run middle school under the direct control of the Education Office.? It is the only one of its kind to specialize in foreign language education, and it has been designated a national foreign language experimental school by the Ministry of Education. The school currently enrolls 2,300 students, separated into forty-three classes, and employs a teaching faculty of 189. In recent years, the school has developed very rapidly, with increasing prominence within the city. ??? As educators, we strive to develop character in our students, understanding that each is an individual with his or her own particular strengths and needs. We prepare our students for a university education and equip them with the foreign language skills necessary to succeed in our broadening society.? Moving forward, we will continue to develop as an internationally-minded school, understanding that this is crucial to improving the quality of education offered to our students. ??? In addition to studying English, students choose a secondary foreign language of Japanese, French or Korean. Furthermore, we have classes that only study Japanese, instead of common English lessons like in most other middle schools. We primarily use foreign textbooks, assisted by the standard workbook. We implement the language teaching standards of the National Foreign Language School, which is the highest level of foreign language teaching in secondary schools. In every foreign language class, there are around 25 students. Professional foreign teachers teach an oral English course weekly for each class. ??? As a state-run middle school, we have all the standard lessons that the Ministry of Education requires. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in and lead many different students clubs and associations, allowing them to develop their personality and potential. ??? Our principle Mr Yan Lingchun is the Chairman of National Foreign Language School Research and the Vice Chairman of the Foreign Language Teaching Professional Committee of Changsha. He leads a group of professional and dedicated teachers, among whom are 90 First Teachers, 58 Middle School Senior Teachers, and one Grade Teacher. ??? Our school focuses on education and specializes in language teaching. Our pass rate of the university entrance test has been in the leading place of the non-key middle schools for ten years, and the result of the high school entrance test has been in the leading place of Changsha City for five years. Our teachers also pay great attention to teaching research. We have six enclosed research projects awarded national first prize or municipal first prize. Our students have won many competitions in all subjects, including numerous English competitions and speech contests. ??? We are a school with a truly international outlook. We have visited the United StatesJapan, and other countries on behalf of Changshas Government and have received exchange visits many times. Our school is in cooperative relations with St. Gregory Catholic School in Britain, Daosong Middle School in South Korea and Northgate High School in the United States. Our students have the opportunity to be exchange students at these schools. ??? The school has been recognized with the National Foreign Language Experimental School, Changsha Civilization Unit, and the Green School awards. The school has also been honored with The Governing units of National Foreign Language Education Council The Advanced Unit in Technology Award, Municipal Demonstrative Schooland over a hundred other awards or honors. ??? At present time, with modern technology fast progressing and the world changing with each passing day, we all face the dual challenges of local development and global economic integration.? The development of China as a nation hinges upon the development of China as a leader in education.? Changsha Foreign Language School works towards stable, sustained, and coordinated development by setting forth clear educational goals, to be fulfilled though positive innovation and embracing all challenges. ??? In the words of our principal: Education requires love and responsibility for ones students. Only then can each individual fulfill his true potential.


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